Monday, January 30, 2012

seven things that make me smile.

1. When I get a text or email from someone I haven't seen in a while.

{via Pinterest}

2. When I go on a photography field trip/take pictures with friends.
3. Making videos about myself or other people ("fun documentaries" ;))

{via Google Images}

4. The fact that I am president of my 4-H Photography Club!!!

{Imagine an amazing pic of me standing in front of about twenty other people who I know}
{via YOU}

5. Klutz books. THEY ARE SO FUN!
{via Klutz}

5. Designing headers for myself and other people (look below for a sneek peek on my next design!)

6. My school. Not the homework - but the actual school days. Tuesdays. Super awesome.

{via school website}

7. I don't write stories very often - but when I do, it is super fun!