Friday, December 9, 2011

remember the christ in christmas.

I recently went to a women's ministry fellowship-y thing at a church about twenty minutes away from my house. This is what one of the women said about the Christmas season:

"Sometimes we forget the Christ in Christmas. People have even started saying Xmas to replace Christ.

They don't want to be offensive, so they say that the 'X' looks like a cross. So why don't we call it T-mas? A 'T' looks so much more like a cross than any old 'X' does.

Some other people who don't want to be offensive are saying 'Happy Holidays!' instead of 'Merry Christmas!' What they don't know is that Holiday used to be pronounced Holy-day."

I enjoyed listening to this, and I hope we all remember this this T-mas, I mean Christmas, season!

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Hannah Woltersdorf said...

I really agree with this but I did have a few thoughts.

When people say 'X-mas' it is actually taken from the greek word Χριστός, which means Christ.

So, while I really dislike the term 'happy holidays' I really like 'x-mas' because in a way, I kind of feel like it is closer to the actual word. :)

Just thought I would share this with you. :) Merry Christmas!