Thursday, December 29, 2011

new week new blog {week one}.

Hi hi hi hi!!!

I decided to start...something...uh..."new."

Every week, I will post about a new blog that has less than 100 followers. Just to get their name out there.

Every Thursday, I'll post about a new blog.

If you want to be seen here, send me your blog URL, and I'll check it out.

If for any reason, you do not want to be seen here and I follow you, email me and let me know.

So, this week I'm posting about Amber from My Life Unmasked.

My Life Unmaksed has (weekly???) giveaways, one that I have won before. She gives away good stuff...not some crummy item she found at the dollar store ;) Well, if she did, then I am very impressed with her Dollar Store shopping ;) {click here} to see her current giveaway.

Amber is super cool, super awesome, and she posts everyday!!! I love that. I get on blogger everyday, and I like to have something to read ;)

So go check her out!!! Her button is below, but if for any reason that doesn't work, click the link provided above.


Anonymous said...

Grace! Thank you! This is such a fabulous idea! I want to join you in this adventure of helping bloggers reach 100 followers- if thats cool with you! This is such a blessing!

Anonymous said...
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bethy said...

Hey Grace,
This is a great idea.
I would love to be featured one time.
Beth xx

Naara said...

I love this idea! Is so nice to meet new bloggers through another awesome bloggers!
I am now following you. Looking FWD for more of these post.