Monday, December 5, 2011

more headers.

I made these headers for Jessica over at Cubette's Corner!
*Edit* her blog is now called Diary of a Beautiful Soul, but the link above still works.

She asked for a specific size and a white spot to put her blog title >>

I can fill your requests, too!!! Email me pictures at gracygirlblog


Caroline said...

WOW those are buetiful. Could you make one for me??

God bless,


Nandie0x said...

Omg, found your blog on the interneticle and love it, so im going to follow you.. Yayy.
Check out my blog because i llove it obvs xxx, thanks

Trinka said...

These are very pretty! :) Oh, and what was that post about yesterday {The one that was just a title????}? Do you need help with something?

{Grace} said...

@Trinka I did need help but i figured it out :)

Kianna said...

can you show me how to add music to just play behind my blog??? I love ur blog!!! I'm gonna follow you now!