Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the heart project: link up.

So...I have been reading Color Me Katie a ton lately. Katie is so colorful and fun...and I thought, I should do something like that! I came up with The Heart Project: Link Up. It's where I (oh...and YOU, considering this is a link up) hang up hearts everywhere! It sounds weird, but it's a cute way to just show some love to a total stranger. Say someone is having a bad day, and all of a sudden, they see hearts that you have hung up! Don't you think that would cheer them up?

Anyway, I kept it simple: Hang hearts up around your house. If you want to go out somewhere else and hang up stuff other than hearts, go ahead! But in order to "qualify" for this link up, you must hang hearts up around your home. See the captions and pictures below to see how I did!

I started by hanging up white hearts on my door. Then I thought up The Heart Project and decided to add some color.

So, I cut out hearts!

Who hates doing the laundry? Everyone who does it. So, I hung up hearts all over my laundry room!

The kitchen can get pretty messy...and my mom doesn't exactly LOVE messes. So I made the kitchen a little more cheerful by adding hearts to the drawers!

My parents' bedroom...I put up hearts above their bed...and then thought of something else...

Is this cute or what?! :)

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Trinka said...

Aww, that's cute what you put above your parent's bed! :)