Wednesday, November 16, 2011


A concept I sometimes can't understand is prayer.

Yeah. Prayer.

You might be thinking, "Grace, get real. You pray before you eat, and before you go to bed. It's talking to God. We tell Him that we are thankful, or give Him a few requests. What don't you get?"

The Bible tells us to pray. But if God knows everything, why do we need to tell Him what we are thankful for or what we need? My Dad's cousin's wife is in the hospital with cancer. We pray for her every night. I have a really good friend who's parents are going through a divorce. When she texts me, I send up a prayer to God. But if God knows what they are going through and that they need help, why do we have to tell Him? If he knows, he can help them Himself, right?

Prayer brings us closer to God. A few years ago, my best friend went through something really tough. Last year, she told me. I already knew, but it brought us closer together.

When we talk to God, it brings us and God closer together.

Once, one of my church elders woke up in the middle of the night. He was wide awake. He woke up his wife and said, "I think we should pray for our son."
They didn't know why they were praying, but they kept praying for their son until about nine in the morning. Then they got a call. Their son had been in a horrible car accident, but he was not harmed at all.

My church elder was so close to God that he was able to hear Him, and wake up to...

To do what?


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*Lizzie* said...

You are so right Grace. Prayer does bring us closer to God. And if we don't pray we are not choosing to grow closer to God. And we are choosing to not talk to Him. That is why prayer is SO important!

Joy said...

Hey! You have a great blog. I found it from Crazy Redheaded Photographer. I've really enjoyed reading some of your posts tonight; I also LOVE your blog's design. I love this post about prayer, too. So true!!

~Joy Caroline