Sunday, November 27, 2011

i got the stylish blogger award.

First of all, thank you Lizzie (The Wonders of Christ) for giving me the award! You were the first person I ever met blogging, you are a great friend, and your photography is amazing!

So now I am supposed to write seven things about myself, and then hand the award off to seven blogs/bloggers. (This is going to be hard!!! I follow like 100 stylish blogs!!!)

1. I have an obsession for making videos. Not movies, but videos. I put a bunch of pictures and videos together, add music, and show my family.
2. I don't cook. Don't trust me in your kitchen.
3. I listen to Adam Cappa, Francesca Battistelli, and Jeremy Camp.
4. I follow like 100 blogs and I am on blogger 24/7.
5. I can't spell anything.
6. I have three email accounts.
7. I love looking at old family photos.

1. Mikayla. Mikayla has the cutest blog! I used to enter in her photo challenges. Sadly, that photo challenge no longer exists. But her blog is still darn cute!
2. Adorkable. This blog is so awesome!!! I love the name, too. Very original ;) Dezzy has giveaways, pictures, and just plain random posts;)
3. (Life is too Short not to) Wear Red Shoes. This blog is definitely stylish. I just love the header!!!
4. Discover Life. Ashlyn has one of the cutest blogs!!! She blogs about photography and her life.
5. The Cupcake Dictionary. Man, I love Jocee's blog!!! It's super cute.
6. Etc. This blog has the cutest name! Don't you think???
7. Paper Butterflies. Man, I love this one, too!


Quinn said...

Thank you Grace! :)

Jazzie. said...

Ahhh! I LOVE Adam Cappa, Francesca Battistelli. and Jeremy Camp. I think I might be going to be seeing them in concert. Cute blog by the way!(:
xxo, Jazzie

Felicia Louise said...

Aww. Why thank you!!

*Lizzie* said...

I'm glad you like the award ;)

Kaylee Smith said...

Hi Grace,
I'm Kaylee.
You followed my blog So i followed yours.
I just wanted to say thank you for following me and how did you find my blog?
Love Your Blog,

KI said...

Fun stuff! Congrats on the award! :)

Jocee said...

thank you much, dearheart! i shall pass this on via my blog, hopefully some time this weekend :)
-jocee <3