Monday, November 28, 2011

christmas blog party.

1. Besides celebrating the birth of Christ, what is your favorite part of Christmas?
Christmas is the only day of the year I wake up before 8 a.m. (sad, isn't it?). I sit on the stairs (because I can't go into the living room) and wait for everyone to wake up...and people who work (my dad) like to sleep in on days off...I don't blame him, but on Christmas day I kinda want him to wake up ;)

That was a really long way to say "Waiting for everyone to wake up"

2. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
My best friend and I wait until a certain time to open each other's presents, and then we call each other so that we can "watch" each other open our presents :D

3. What has been your favorite Christmas gift?
My favorite gift has to be my rabbit hutch. It's really nice - four cages and a storage shelf (a few people have dared me to sleep in's that big!)

4. Do you have a special Christmas tree ornament?
Ii have two favorites (in order of favorit-ism): {1} There is a pink pair of glass baby shoes that says, "Baby's First Christmas - 1999". I love it! {2} There is a train that also says "Baby's First Christmas - 1999" It is my favorite because one of my best guy-friends has the exact same one, but his says "1998"

5. What is your favorite Christmas Carol?
Hmm...Does "Mary Did You Know?" count?

6. If you could be anyone in a Christmas nativity play who would you be?

Well, when I was younger I really wanted to be Mary, but they saved that for the five and six year olds (why? I have no idea). Now I think I would want to be the angel. Not *an* angel, *THE* angel. Reasons? {1} it would be fun to fly over the stable!!! {2} I don't know I like the sparkles on the dresses.

7. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Fred Clause or Elf. (If you haven't seen them you really should!)

8. Do you go caroling? If so where do you like to go?
I like to go caroling with my best friend around her neighborhood. It's super fun!

9. What is your favorite Christmas decoration?
This glow-in-the-dark igloo we have used to be my grandpa's before he died, so I'd say that's my favorite.

10. The birth of Jesus brought a light into the world. How can you bring some light in the world this Christmas season?
Participating in Operation Christmas Child. This year I made a box for a girl my age instead of a toddler, like I did last year. I really really really like little kid
s, but this year I decided that an older girl might appreciate it a little more. Plus, it came from a girl her age! I included a picture of myself and my address. I'm hoping she'll write to me :)

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