Wednesday, June 1, 2011


My crazy dad:)

School is almost over! We have only two weeks left.

I am writing five books right now. That Girl Named Crystal, Seventeen Sisters, Lilly and Lizzy, Love's Journey, My Life -- By Me, and I am writing a couple books with a friend: A Cry In the Dark and Fulfilling the Prophecy.

I went to a BBQ last Monday! It was so fun! Jarrett and his friend kept saying "Picture lady!" and ran whenever I approached with a camera. They do not like having their picture taken, I learned. :)
Running away from "picture lady"

I currently found my aunt's blog! I didn't even know she had one....

TTFN (Ta ta for now!)


salbelle said...

Hilarious, Gracie girl! This picture makes your WHOLE story. You are an awesome big sis who perfectly torments her little bro'.

Anonymous said...

<3 it!!!!

Anonymous said...

btw that was anne!!!!!!!!

Grace said...

Hey Anne! It was fun to see you today!

Thanks for the comments! :)