Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my little cuties.

I have two cute small pets. Simba is my male rabbit, and I have a boy hampster named Thunder. I love them so much that I consider them my babies! Simba is in 4-H with me and he is still getting used to it. He nipps me while I am working with him. He just dosn't get it yet. Simba is a little sick so we don't expct him to go to fair this year. Simba is a little over a year and we are not so sure how old Thunder is. I don't have pictures yet, but I will post some soon. My sister has a female rabbit named Nala. The names go together, from the Lion King! I love them so much.


polkie and dottie said...

I have not seen Thunder yet but I have seen Simba. It's cool that Simba is able to go to 4-H and that you have two pets.


PS...I like your new blog!

Grace said...

Thx. I like it, too. :)